How to use CenterforAmerica tv

At the top left of of each page is the blue menu toggle titled “CenterforAmerica tv” - simply click and choose from the drop down. Each page also has buttons below the main content areas that will take you to the next project. At the bottom of each page there are links to some of our partners as well as a main admin email for general questions or support if you experience any trouble with the site. The red white and blue logo is also a home button.
You will notice the Twitter and Facebook icons at the top right of each page. These icons will take you to our sites. Sign in to comment or post an idea.
We will be adding easy drag and drop file uploads for more than 30 file types. Photos, audio, videos, pdf’s, word documents etc. can be uploaded. Wacky Warning Labels™ contest entries as well as your stories and ideas for any of our projects can be sent to us with a click.
We will be offering document and media downloads of our projects and files with a simple click directly in the page.
Toward the bottom of each page you’ll find an envelope icon - on the “Let’s Be Fair! page for example, just click to send Bob an idea for a commentary. Don’t worry to much about which pages’ email you use, we’ll make sure your note gets to right place.
Our email and contact links are secure both in the page and at the server. We don’t like being spammed and you probably don’t like it either. Our uploads path is also safe and continually monitored by the host admin for any funny business. We’ve taken care to make our site safe.

For more information about our projects and partners - please visit

CFA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose programs bring people face to face with issues that affect the future quality of life, economic prosperity and freedom in America. CFA offers a wide range of learning programs and knowledge resources about ways people can get involved to help solve America’s problems.
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