2016 Wacky Warning Labels™ Contest

2016 Winner: “Not to be used as a Battle Device”

A Label on a toy light saber. The winning label submitted by Susannah Peate, Carmel, Indiana

The Five Finalists

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Download the Media advisory announcing the 2016 finalists and photos of the labels

About the Wacky Warning Labels™ Contest

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Wacky Warning Labels™ Contest in Times Square

Broadway and Seventh Avenue in New York City - 2012

“The 15th Annual Wacky Warning Labels™ Contest Finalists Selected Today”

The winners were selected by the audience of “Stossel” with host John Stossel inviting Bob Dorigo Jones to present the finalists and answer questions.
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The annual Wacky Warning Labels™ Contest gives everyone a chance to compete for the right to say “I found the most outrageous warning label in America.” Wacky warnings reveal the lengths to which product makers must go to avoid lawsuits, and the contest is aimed at sparking a national conversation about all the ways life is changing in the most lawsuit-happy society on earth.
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Wacky Warning Labels™ founder and Center for America Senior Fellow
Bob Dorigo Jones

It began with a double take at the warning label on his child’s stroller - “Remove Child Before Folding”
The rest, as they say is …..

Bob holding a popular brass fishing lure with long dangling hooks that warns -
“Harmful if Swallowed”

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Send Bob your Wacky Warning Labels™

The Wacky Warning Labels™ Contest has a grand prize of $1000.00 and a $500.00 second prize.
A very good reason to keep your eye out for the Wackiest label.
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